Decorative Papers by Tassotti of Italy

One of their many fine stationery products

Description of picture
Paper by Tassotti of ancient hot-air balloons

Description of picture
Detal of printed hot-air balloons

A modern depiction taken from ancient drawings showing early hot-air balloons ~ some decorated ~ with people aboard ~ bedecked with flags. I suspect the artists of yore neglected some of the technical details necessary for flight ~ but why spoil a picture for such detail? The design repeats some of the balloons at different sizes, and is of a fairly large repeat. The top picture shows a B2 sheet, which has been folded down twice to B4 size ~ and is curling slightly in the bright sunlight. The grain of the paper is upright, as is the view. This means that the B4 shape shown is 'cross grain' [113023].

Our sister site, at, stocks a wide selection of Tassotti papers, which are mainly in demand as covering papers by box makers and book crafters. The good quality ~ self coloured ivory ~ 85gsm paper makes it ideally suitable for this. We also plan to have helpful details of some available designs on this site [125406], with a thumbnail catalogue also. Some samples follow ~ click the picture for details.

Tassotti ~ ditsy red ~ detail ~ click picture for details Deer ~rabbit ~ hare ~ click picture for details Picture of poppies ~ click picture for details Massed Marguerites printed on paper ~ click picture for details Sprigs of lavender ~ click picture for details Peach Blossom ~ click picture for details Lily of the Valley ~ click picture for details Bamboo ~ click picture for details Paper printed with a selection of mixed herb plants ~ click picture for details
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