Linen thread, size 25/3, waxed, cut to length (appx 1.4m)

This is a good thickness for most tasks. It is possibly a bit thin for bulky album construction (for which 18/3 or 18/5 might be preferable). For small booklets, especially those where it is important to avoid swell [xxxxxx], a thinner thread such as 35/3 or 40/3 is to be preferred.

The cut length we sell at is listed as 1.4 metres. In practice it may vary up to around 1.5m. (We are very keen never to fall foul of "Weights and Measures".) For practical purposes the length of 1.4 metres is determined by the size of the skein, as bought from the manufacturer.

For those unused to controlling threads and needles, any length much over one metre tends to become umanageable. (Although waxing [xxxxxx] the thread helps.)

Should you wish for longer lengths than this then you are advised to buy a spool. If you buy a skein you will need to spool it yourself. You are not advised to take lengths of thread from a skein in any other way than we have done, which involves cutting all the threads. We have a demonstration of this. [122969]

Larger quantities of thread are normally sold by weight. By convenient coincidence 25/3 thread weighs about 1 gram per metre.

This thread is pre-waxed, which tends to bind the fibres together and give a slightly more polished surface than plain thread. If this thread is to be used for outdoor work then it would be best to re-wax it [xxxxxx] it before use.

For stock control we label each length. A green flash helps us to identify this thread from the others in our store.

This thread may be purchased from our sister store at


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