Laminating and encapsulating

On this page we use encapsulating to mean a laminate that extends beyond the material being laminated to adhere to another layer of laminate. This completely seals the inner material as much as the adhesive allows.

There is more to these topics than many people realize. Here are some thoughts that may help you from entering into a minefield. We pose some questions, with notes that help with your thoughts before answering.

Laminate and laminating means layers or layering. Plywood is a laminate of thin sheets of wood glued together. If we consider laminating paper or thin card it refers to coating it with a clear, thin or thick, flexible or rigid, plastic film.

Do you want to laminate or encapsulate?

Most office laminating machines are used as encapsulating machines. The laminating film extends beyond the paper surface and sticks to itself. This seals the contents very effectively. There is not necessarily any protection for the edges of laminated materials.

Hot or cold laminate

Pouches or sheets?

What size is really required?

What thickness is required?

Small and large machines

If you order A4

Can you wrap around edges?

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