Limited issue prints

Some artists issue a set of limited edition prints. Each edition contains a distinct number of identical prints and each is approved then signed and numbered by the artist. This usually enhances their value. It places them a world apart from the print runs of thousands: to be sold as posters, or greetings cards.

The value of limited edition prints depends very much on the adherence to the rules - approved, signed, numbered, and then all means of making further prints is destroyed. Traditionally this meant destruction of the printing plates. Nowadays it means deletion of the electronic file.

A limited issue print lies between mass printing and limited editions. The artist agrees a number of prints, and leaves it to the printer to print, and preferably number, each of them (this can be done automatically). They are not signed by the artist. It is possible that a second issue of numbered prints, or another variation (such as change of size), might be made.

Limited issue prints will usually be of much less value than limited edition prints. In each case the standing of the artist, and the number of prints made, will affect the value.



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