Here is an outline explanation of this site

The development of this site is far from complete, and as such we are happy for you to browse, but we are not encouraging readership at this stage. As yet there is no guidance as to what is available on site, which does not make it very useful.

The site will have several distinct aims and areas of interest, each of which will sit comfortably under the embracing title busybusy. One of the aims of the content will be to save the time of busy people by providing them with appropriate information. This will be done partly in the Wikipedia style ~ facts with no padding ~ no adverts ~ links to better relevant sources of information. In technical terms we expect that every page is potentially a 'landing page'.

Should you be interested enough to start browsing, in spite of the warnings above, then you are invited to visit the section under the folder pages ~ a list of some pages, presented in numerical order (ascending)(...eventually...)

We hate to explain that much of all this is "under preparation", but doing it this way is the best we can manage with the limited resources currently available. Please bear with us - especially if your links take you to a page still under development. I will get round to it ( them...). There may be links to blank-ish holding pages, but there should not be any duff links.




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